The Most Toxic Products ON Earth Are Things We Buy & Use Everyday

The Most Toxic Products ON Earth Are Things We Buy & Use Everyday

The Most Toxic Products ON Earth

It would surprise most that the most Toxic products on earth are things we buy and wear everyday.

The fast fashion industry uses a shocking amount of dangerous synthetic materials.

All Synthetic fashion materials are dangerous at every stage of the product.

Synthetic materials are polyester, Nylon, lycra, spandex, acrylic are all made of petroleum, coal tar, plastics, pesticides, chemical dyes, bleach, pfas, phthalate, formaldehyde and 8,000 other toxic chemicals are the biggest ingredients in 70% of all clothing made today, and these toxic clothing leach directly into our skin and into our bloodstream within minutes of wearing.

The toxic process To produce these highly dangerous and poisonous clothing, Kills thousands every year and also slowly poison the fasf fashion clothing consumer and their water supply from washing and leaching into all of the world's freshwater supply. These microplastics and chamicals are Even found in Antarctica.

The toxic dumping of chemicals and dyes waste into the rural rivers in parts of the world without a voice, polluting water ways around the world.

Unsafe working conditions as serious as Buildings collapsing on workers due to unsafe working standards in places like Bangledash.

The poisoning of the workers from breathing in and touching these poisons all day everyday.

It is a problem so huge it needs the world's help.

We are the driving cause to this economy and supporting everyday hurting our planet, ourselves, workers, and taxiing future generations.

The effects are beyond what we can comprehend ,compromising Our future generations.

Choosing true Eco-Friendly Materials like linen, hemp, organic cotton.

Thrift only organic cotton, 100% cotton, wool and linen.

We can be the solution, To spark us all to be the change.

This is the beautiful beginning of our fight in the fashion industry.

Every ounce of out souls deserves a happy healthy Earth.

This is why Every Purchase Plants Trees and Organizes Great Lakes Clean Ups.

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